Joe - Piano/Vox                Colin - Bass/Vox           Jordan - Guitar/Vox       Wendell - Drums/Vox

Trendy Robots will entertain you... maybe.

Trendy Question of the Month!

What song would you like to hear the Trendy Robots cover?


On behalf of Joe, Colin, Jordan and Wendell we want to say...

"Welcome to our nifty little web page-site thing  thats on the google machine! "

We hope you enjoy your stay with us... please feel free to  drool over our beach photos, bash us on the internet, send cash donations (small unmarked bills only please) or play our FIND THE HIDDEN LINK game! 

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Somebody That I Used To Romance.mp3


"I mean... if you're into that shit." -- Brian Gooschmoo; Tarder Sauce, NJ

"Trendy Robots are so good, I'd listen to them again... probably... " -- Veronica Hardfingers; Chipskeet, AK

"I'm so proud of my big handsome man!!!" -- Colin's Mom, Orrington, ME

"They aren't completely terrible." -- Kevin Saudibager; Marvington, OH